State of New Haven


Welcome to New Haven, your home for Red Dead Roleplay! Our server is an English 18+ Roleplay Server based on the RedM framework built by roleplayers, for roleplayers. NewHavenRP is considered to be within active development, as our experienced Development Team is continuously working vigorously on building a custom server for the community to enjoy a unique roleplay experience.

On our server, we strive to provide a unique roleplay experience by offering a Realistic Economy, growing Medical and Law careers, and Native Roleplay. Whether you want to be a Lawman, Doctor, Lawbreaker, or Rancher - We offer a variety of Whitelisted and Non-Whitelisted jobs in and around the beautiful towns of our Area of Population.

Server Features

Active Development

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Player Customization

Realistic Economy

200+ Crafting Recipes

Immersive Law / Medical

Telegram System

Owned Businesses

Adoptable Pets

Player Housing

Labor / Prison Camp

Bank / Store Robberies

Grave Digging

Moonshine / Drugs

Mining / Fishing

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Server Information

State of New Haven takes place in 1898, during the Progressive Era of the United States of America. However, our server takes place in a parallel universe, where slavery, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, and any issue pertaining to human inequality does not exist. With this being said, it is important to know we are strictly roleplaying Historical Fiction -not- Realism.

  • Dress to Impress | Some clothing options will be bugged out or you may have missing limbs. Majority of the time, this issue can be fixed once you are done in the clothing shop and you load your skin. Please keep in mind, some clothing options will not work properly regardless.

  • Money | Each new citizen will have $100 in their pocket. This can be found in your wallet at the bottom right of your screen, next to your ticket number. Most of the server’s economy is player based. Most essentials can be purchased through shops; however, we do encourage player interaction when it involves trade and business.

Area of Population

Our current main focus for Area of Population (AOP) includes Armadillo, Blackwater, and Strawberry. This does not mean that your story can only exist in these towns or their surrounding areas. You may explore the rest of the world; however, there will be no shop functionality outside of AOP.

Lore of New Haven

Founding of New Haven

This territory, that we know today as New Haven, was added to the United States in 1898. Founded by the Montgomery Family in 1866 as a territory for mining, homesteading, farming, and ranching. Its population quickly grew as the lands of the state were ripe for people to make or break their fortunes on. Once Statehood was achieved and the letter of the law was written, the wild west of the territory of New Haven was tamed in hopes to further achieve progress and prosperity for its citizens. With the civilization of Blackwater, Strawberry, and Armadillo, the State of New Haven is now home to people from all walks of life, but they all share one thing in common - They came to New Haven to find life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

| Blackwater

The industrial city of Blackwater sits just West of Flat Iron Lake, serving as a thriving port for New Haven. The name Blackwater comes from the black soil on the riverbanks and the adjoining bottomlands - Which is believed to have originated from the Native Americans who roamed the area. With this black soil, the water surrounding the city has a rather dark tint to it and many citizens believe the water holds an eerie presence under the moonlight.

Before the founding and the industrialization of the city, the historic event known as the “Blackwater Massacre” was an infamous and violent gunfight. The “Blackwater Massacre” involving the Dalton Ridge Gang and the West Elizabeth Law Department, with the assistance of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, took place in the small port town in October 1876, during a heist on a nearby ferry. The massacre had gained wide publicity due to the number of men killed, the distress put onto the civilians, and the fact that it was the largest robbery in recent years. This was also the day the Dalton Ridge Gang was finally caught and put to justice, thus ending the gang’s criminal career entirely.

Over several years, the people of Blackwater continued to build from the ground up, marking May 1889 the founding of the port city of Blackwater. The city quickly grew with new access to distant markets and the opening of the port on Flat Iron Lake, bringing employment opportunities and more residents to the city. Blackwater started to see the usual businesses appear: general store, banks, hardware stores, cafes, lumber yard, livery stables, meat market, blacksmiths, and, of course, saloons. The city thrived, having a current population of roughly 96, and quickly established itself as the capital of the State of New Haven.

| Strawberry

Along the banks of the cascading Hawks Eye Creek, in the center of West Elizabeth county, New Haven, is the quaint town of Strawberry - Where the state’s flatlands are replaced by river bluffs, beautiful trees, and overlooked by Mount Shann. This small town was originally settled upon in the year 1858 as merely a place for hunters and miners to stay with the limited access of a hotel, lumber yard, and general store in town.

Word began to spread of the discovery of gold and silver located at Mount Shann, which ushered in a rush of people to Strawberry and the surrounding areas in hopes to get rich. Strawberry prospered as more people settled into the area, finding the lands to be ideal for country living - This included hunting, logging, and ranching. In the present time with a population of roughly 42, Strawberry is known for its neighborly community and warm hearth feeling the moment you step into the town - And yes, you will find plenty of strawberries.

| Armadillo

Though the landscape lay barren before our eyes, there is not a lack of flora and fauna here, as cactus and desert plants overtake the arid and dry lands - Providing home to a plethora of desert farming animals, ripe for hunting and trapping. What little rain falls to cover this region finds itself swiftly stripped away by the untamed Sun. But amidst mountainous dunes and scorching sands, at the heart of New Austin, lies a town that is the pure definition of the West.

The discovery of gold in the northern Cholla Springs in 1841 set off one of the major historic gold rushes in New Austin county. In 1846, miners moved into the area. Practically overnight, the tiny gold camp boomed into a town that played by its own rules. This town attracted outlaws, gamblers, and gunslingers along with gold seekers. Armadillo had survived three major fires and numerous economic hardships, pushing it to the verge of becoming a ghost town.

Despite all the town’s hardships, what eventually caught the people of Armadillo was the outbreak of diseases, with many of them causing near-wipeouts of the town’s population during the mid to late 1800s. Today, the town is officially cleared of any diseases - However, be mindful the town is in hard times, and people are looking to rebuild Armadillo into the town it once was.