New Haven Businesses

Are you thinking about owning a business?

Being a business owner and running a business in the State of New Haven is a big deal, and could be of great economic and roleplay-story success. Owned Businesses bring many potentially wonderful roleplay stories and endless possibilities. With this being said, you are solely responsible for knowing New Haven Laws and Business Regulations regarding your potential future business.

While being a Business Owner, you will be expected to abide by Business Owner Guidelines. Please acknowledge and understand the following Business Proposal Guidelines prior to submitting your Business Proposal. Business Proposals may be submitted in to the Government Center by using the New Haven Discord.

| Business Owner Guidelines

[25.01] - To be considered a legal business in the state of New Haven, you have to apply for a business license. 

Owned Businesses must be operated at least twice weekly to remain operational and to remain licensed - This is to, once again, ensure that we do not have an abundance of businesses and properties that are not being operated. Inactive Businesses limit roleplay experience for other Community Members

[25.02] - The name of your business should be authentic and should reference the idea behind your business, while being realistic to the 1890s Wild West era - Using any sort of famous or known businesses from history or from books, movies, games, etc. is prohibited and the business proposal will be denied.

[25.03] - Players may only own one Market Stall at a time - Applying for a business proposal for owning a market stall is not necessary, they are to be seen as two separate things; however, the market stall must be managed and kept stocked. If the player owning the Market Stall becomes inactive, the Market Stall will be closed by the Government.

[25.04] - If you are interested in locating your business within an open property that can be locked, you will have to purchase the property at full price. In doing so, you will need to send a letter to the New Haven Realty office to speak with one of the realtors regarding properties. Business Loans can also be discussed.

[25.05] - Owned businesses, with the exception of Market Stalls, will be required to undergo a monthly evaluation, where Business Owners will have the opportunity to speak with Government Officials regarding the success of their Business.

IMPORTANT - Not all Business Proposals will be approved. We take the time to review and investigate your proposal in-depth, to ensure the business you are seeking is right for the Community and the State of New Haven. In a case where your Business Proposal may be denied, you will be given clear reasoning for the denial