Law Guidelines

New Haven Law Department enhances the quality of life in the State of New Haven by enforcing the laws, preserving the peace, and providing for a safe environment

The State of New Haven honors an immersive law roleplay environment. Roleplaying as a Deputy is a great way to extend countless roleplay opportunities. Players seeking to be hired by New Haven Law Department will need to reach out in-character by following hiring posters or asking around in roleplay.

The Department of New Haven Law serves the towns and surrounding areas of Blackwater, Armadillo, and Strawberry, offering law services to the citizens in the State of New Haven.

| Law Guidelines

[12.01] - Guilt-tripping players into logging onto the server or logging onto their deputy character for law roleplay is strictly prohibited. Players should never feel forced into playing their deputy character

[12.02] - Frequent vigilantism or harassment interfering with deputies attempting to do their job is strictly prohibited - Let deputies enjoy their own roleplay experience, and do not tell them how to do their jobs

[12.03] - Law baiting, or purposely provoking deputies, with the sole intent of starting a violent interaction is prohibited - This includes intentionally killing yourself or someone else with the intent to rob or abduct the deputy. Combat based interactions with law enforcement should occur naturally with roleplay

[12.04] - Excessive outbursts or out-of-character outbursts toward law enforcement personnel while being arrested or while being jailed is prohibited - Keep the roleplay serious and in-character at all times, and do not take roleplay scenarios personally

[12.05] - While serving jailtime, there is to be no logging out, as this would be considered combat logging. Jailtime will vary, within appropriate reason, due to the charges being charged against the person. If you must log out or if an emergency rises, please inform law enforcement and the Staff Team using the New Haven Discord. Once you log in again, you will serve the remainder of your sentence

[12.06] - Players nor law personnel may not steal from deputy evidence lockers or stashes. All evidence lockers and stashes in law offices are locked at all times

[12.07] - A maximum of 8 deputies are permitted in any given scenario. Sheriffs may deputize citizens to assist in an active criminal scenario to reach that 6 member limit

[12.08] - Roleplaying as a corrupt deputy is prohibited without prior consent from the Staff Team. Players may inquire by submitting a ticket using our #create-a-ticket feature in the New Haven Discord. However, the Staff Team may decline corrupt requests if there are not enough deputies, to assist with overall server health

[12.09] - Impersonation of law enforcement personnel is permitted, however, be sure to expect the possibility of any in-character consequences to follow. With this being said, falsification of identification documents or badges is prohibited

[12.10] - When dealing with the grouping of deputies, it is very important to know and make note of New Haven's Group Size Policy. While there is no limit of the amount of deputies a department can have a maximum of 6 deputies are permitted in any given scenario. Sheriffs may deputize citizens to assist in an active criminal scenario to reach that 6 member limit. Review Criminal Basic Guidelines [13.05] regarding New Haven's Group Size Policy for Criminal Roleplay

| New Haven Lawbook