Realty Guidelines

[26.01] - The Area of Population does not apply to the purchase of homes. Players may purchase a property outside of AOP; however, keep in mind that shop functionality will not be present within the towns outside of the Area of Population

[26.02] - Citizens of New Haven, including married couples, are only permitted to own one residential property at a time - This is to help allow other players the chance to own a property for their character and their story as well and prevent unutilized properties

[26.03] - Citizens of New Haven are free to go around the county and purchase the home that they want for themselves. This will be on a first come, first serve basis. It is possible to reserve a house, this can be done by opening up a Realty Ticket, supplying the information needed (house number and character name) and we will reserve the house for no longer that one (1) real time week.

[26.04] - Once it becomes available, purchased properties within the State of New Haven will have a required tax. Any property with two consecutive unpaid tax periods will be made available for again at full-price for anyone to purchase

House Features

Custom Property Names

Beautiful Scenery

Personal Inventory

Private Property Ledger

Locked Doors

Guest Permissions

Guest Keys

Custom Furniture / Décor

Potential Ranching

Private Farms

Optional House Deeds

Business Locations

Roleplay Opportunities