Realty Guidelines

So you want to become a home owner in New Haven? 

Whether it is a small shack down in the hot desert, or a Mansion in St. Denis, New Haven has a place for everyone. 

There are, however, a few guidelines that the citizens of New Haven have to abide by, as listed below. 

House Features

Custom Property Names

Beautiful Scenery

Personal Inventory

Private Property Ledger

Locked Doors

Guest Permissions

Guest Keys

Custom Furniture / Décor

Potential Ranching

Private Farms

Optional House Deeds

Business Locations

Roleplay Opportunities


[26.01] - The Area of Population does not apply to the purchase of homes. Players may purchase a property outside of AOP; however, keep in mind that shop functionality will not be present within the towns outside of the Area of Population

[26.02] - Citizens of New Haven, including married couples, are only permitted to own one residential property at a time - This is to help allow other players the chance to own a property for their character and their story as well and prevent unutilized properties

[26.03] - Citizens of New Haven are free to go around the county and purchase the home that they want for themselves. This will be on a first come, first serve basis. It is possible to reserve a house, this can be done by opening up a Realty Ticket, supplying the information needed (house number and character name) and we will reserve the house for no longer that one (1) real time week

[26.04] - Purchased properties within the State of New Haven have a required tax:  any property with one unpaid tax period (Sat 4/5pm EST / Sunday 12am CET), will be made available again at full-price for anyone to purchase

[26.05] - You will not get your money back,  at all,  if you put your house up for sale and let taxes run out. Until your house is sold, it is still effectively yours and you have to up keep the taxes or have the house repossesed. 

Addition: If you want money back for the same amount you bought it, you need to put the house up for sale for that amount AND you'd need to keep up with taxes until you are able to sell the house to someone.