Rules and Guidelines

It is very important to read through the Rules and Guidelines outlined here, as well as the Law, Criminal, Medical, and Business Owner Guidelines. Server Rules and Guidelines are there to ensure a positive and smooth roleplay experience for not only yourself, but for those around you. All aspects of rules, rule enforcement, policies, and disciplinary actions may be adjusted at the Staff Team's discretion regarding the various situations that may be presented. The Management Team has access to viewing all server logs to monitor for server abuse.

If you have problems with a rule being broken, please confidentially submit a ticket or player report using our #create-a-ticket feature in New Haven Discord. These reports will remain confidential and only accessible by the New Haven Management Team. Those who are being reported will not be notified of who submitted the report.

| Basic Terms of Service

[1.01] - Personal insults and/or verbal attacks outside of specific roleplay scenarios and all other forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, are prohibited, and will result in a permanent ban. This not only includes in-game, but includes the New Haven Discord as well

[1.02] - Any use of Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism, hate speech, or any other forms of target derogatory or abusive language will not be tolerated, and will result in a permanent ban. Once again, this not only includes in-game, but includes the New Haven Discord as well

[1.03] - NewHavenRP takes place in an alternate universe. This means we are roleplaying historical fiction, not realism. Roleplay scenarios involving Slavery, as well as oppression and inequality of Native Americans and Women, are prohibited

[1.04] - Should disagreements or instances of rule-breaking arise in game, all members should attempt to roleplay through them without breaking character. Out-of-character arguments will not be tolerated. If you believe a player has broken a rule, submit a Player Report using the #create-a-ticket feature in the New Haven Discord

| Community Policies

[2.01] – All community members are required to join and utilize the New Haven Discord server for communication and role management

Discord members are encouraged to change their Discord name to their main character’s name for recognition (for instance - if someone wants to tag you in the kudos and memories section of Discord, they can find you easier.)

[2.02] – NewHavenRP is considered to be an English-only speaking server, meaning all communication and roleplay must be primarily spoken in the English language – Use of a decent quality microphone in an environment free of extraneous background noise is required

[2.03] – You must be at least 18 years of age to join our Discord and participate in our community. With this being said, all characters on the server must be portrayed as a minimum age of 18 years old.

While this is an 18+ server, if you are 16+ and feel like you can truly contribute to the roleplay on this server, please open a ticket and we will allow, or deny, on a case by case basis.

[2.04] –  Poaching is a term used to describe the act of soliciting one or more members of an established server, for the benefit of their own, and intended detriment to others and the community – Poaching will result in a non-negotiable permanent ban

[2.05] - You must stay in-character at all times while on the server. There is no in-game OOC chat - All required OOC communication is to happen via Discord. Failure to stay in character may result in Staff evaluation and disciplinary action

[2.06] - Crossing IC feelings with OOC feelings is strictly prohibited. This includes IC activities that result in OOC harassment or OOC feelings that corrupt the roleplay experience IC

[2.07] – Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is a term used to describe any roleplay activity performed for the purpose of sexual behavior – Engaging in Erotic Roleplay is prohibited, and will result in disciplinary action

[2.08] – Suicide Roleplay of any kind is prohibited, and will result in disciplinary action. Suicide is a real-life trigger and something many people struggle with, and is never appropriate for a roleplay server

[2.09] – Supernatural Roleplay is prohibited. However, Superstitious Roleplay is permitted to a realistic extent

[2.10] – The utilization of glitches, exploits, hacks, third-party crosshairs, or bugs, etc. for personal gain will result in a permanent ban. If you find a glitch, bug, or in-game exploit, immediately submit a ticket or utilize the #crash-bug-reports feature in Discord

[2.11] – The Staff Team reserves the right to evaluate your roleplay – If your overall quality of roleplay is deemed detrimental to the overall quality of server roleplay, you may be placed under Staff evaluation

[2.12] - In-character (IC) is anything a character does inside of roleplay. Roleplaying is simply the act of imitating a character and behavior of someone who is different from yourself. Out-of-character (OOC) is anything outside of the roleplay as the player

[2.13] - Staff cannot control private direct messages. However, if Staff is to receive reports of harassment or toxicity toward one another in private direct messages or group chats, disciplinary action will be taken

| Usernames / Character Names

[3.01] - Steam or Rockstar usernames must be tasteful and do not exhibit any sort of sexist, racist, homophobic, or inappropriate terms. Using the Steam or Rockstar username "Stranger", "Redacted", or any other usernames making the player unidentifiable are also prohibited

[3.02] - If a Staff Member requests you to change your username and you do not change it, you will receive a warning and you will not be permitted back into the server until you have changed your username to follow guidelines outlined above

[3.03] - Character names should be authentic and your own unique creation. It must reflect the Wild West Era in the 1890s. Using any sort of famous or known person from history or after characters from books, movies, or tv shows to name your character is prohibited

[3.04] - If a Staff Member opens a ticket with you and requests you to choose a different character name due to the guidelines above, and you do not choose a new one, you will receive and warning and will not be permitted back into the server until you have chosen a new name

| Bans / Disciplinary Process

[4.01] – Information regarding disciplinary actions taken against a community member is suggested to remain confidential between the offending party and the Staff Team

The Staff Team will only disclose details regarding disciplinary actions to other community members if confidentiality is broken by the offender. If necessary, these disclosures may be addressed toward the community at large, with supporting evidence regarding the disciplinary steps against the offending party, who broke confidentiality

[4.02] – All disciplinary actions taken against community members are considered to be final. Individuals who receive a standard ban may only appeal the ban every (30) days, or upon the date specified

[4.03] – Disciplinary actions taken against community members are never taken lightly, and will only end in the result of careful review of clear evidence presented to the Management and Admin Team

Once clear evidence has been reviewed by the Management and Admin Team, all disciplinary actions (permanent ban, standard ban, 3-day ban, 24-hour ban, or warning) will be finalized and decided upon with use of unbiased discussions and evaluations amongst all Staff Members. If a Staff Member is being reported, the report will only be reviewed by Management

[4.04] - Players who receive a permanent ban may never appeal their ban and may never be unbanned within the New Haven community. Permanent bans are only issued when absolutely necessary

| Staff Communication

[5.01] – Community members should never direct message any Staff Member regarding conversations about the server in any way – Any issues, concerns, or suggestions should always be through direct utilization of the #create-a-ticket feature in the New Haven Discord. This feature allows for private communication with Staff Members

[5.02] – Player reports should be filed utilizing the Report Player feature in our #create-a-ticket system in the New Haven Discord, by the people that are directly involved – All Player Reports that are submitted to the Management are strictly confidential. Those who are being reported will not be notified of who submitted the report

[5.04] – All communication with the Staff Team is considered to be confidential. As a Staff Team, we expect all formal communication to be treated with urgency and respect. Any community member exhibiting discourteous communication with Staff Members will be subject to disciplinary action

[5.05] – If any community member has an issue with any Staff Member, submit a Player Report utilizing the #create-a-ticket system in the New Haven Discord – All Staff Player Reports that are submitted to the Management are strictly confidential, and will not be shared with the entire Staff Team

[5.03] – It is very important to remember - Staff Members are players too. They have their own characters and stories they wish to roleplay. Approaching any Staff Member in-character with out-of-character matters will not be tolerated. Treating any Staff Member differently during any roleplay scenario will also not be tolerated. Staff Member characters should never be viewed as "federal" in-character, unless personally specified

| Value of Life

[6.01] – Characters should act according to their personality and mannerisms when facing a threat to their life, but must always attempt to preserve their own life and limit the damage done to others’ lives

For example, if someone has a gun to your head or you are outnumbered, you should consider your actions heavily. You more than likely will abide by the directions they give you to preserve the life of your character

[6.02] – Obsessively frequent participation in vigilantism, rapidly pulling weapons, or other unrealistic violent behavior may be considered failure to value life

If you see someone get shot or abducted, it, more than likely would not be realistic to be the hero – Report it to the law. If you hear gunshots, unless you are a lawman, it would not be realistic to run toward them

[6.03] – [6.03] – Citizens are allowed to treat others with basic first aid, but they will need to seek a licensed doctor for further treatment after, as regular citizens do not have the medical knowledge (nor access to medicine) to treat people properly. Not getting proper treatment for (serious) injuries will be considered Failure to Value life. 

| Metagaming

[7.01] – Metagaming is considered to be the use of external factors, information, or knowledge your character would not be able to obtain through normal in-character means, which is strictly prohibited

This includes, but not limited to, information gained through live-streams, videos, and out-of-character text channels in Discord

[7.02] – You are allowed to support people's streams by opening and muting the tab. That said, stream sniping and metagaming is strictly prohibited. The Staff Team does not tolerate this and in doing so will result in Staff Evaluation, as well as potential disciplinary action.

[7.03] – Taking storyline knowledge gained on one character and applying it to another character is prohibited, and will result in disciplinary action. Sharing items or money between characters is also strictly prohibited, and will result in disciplinary action. Any information or items gained on one character should remain on that character only.

[7.04] – Playing your own enemy is prohibited – All in-character confrontation should be sought out through natural roleplay. If one of your characters is a law enforcement officer and wants to go against the law, vice versa, you may not be apart of the investigation.

| Powergaming

[8.01] - Considered the attempt to always maximize one's ability to "win" all roleplay scenarios - At the cost of others and ability to conduct a good roleplay experience

Examples include, but not limited to:

[8.02] - Players are prohibited from forcing other players to have injuries or permanently kill their character

[8.03-A] - Traveling far outside of AOP to sell illegal drugs or commit crimes (like murder) is strictly prohibited and will be considered as Powergaming.

[8.03-B] - Whilst it is prohibit to sell illegal drugs and/or do crimes outside of the AOP per [8.03-A] - you *are* allowed to rob players out of the AOP. 

The exception being so because the player is still able to get help/report the crime (as you are not permitted to rob *and* kill), which means law would not have to go out of their way and leave the active area of play. 

[8.04] - Extreme changes in appearance in a short amount of time will also be considered Powergaming. The Barber should only be used once in a 48 hour period to change your character's hairstyle and/or facial hair to alter their appearance slightly

[8.05] - Once a player has engaged in roleplay with others, the /creator feature should never be used again to drastically change the appearance of your character. Using the creator to make small adjustments to your character's face such as scars, hair color, beards, eyebrows and makeup is permitted; however,  your character still needs to be recognizable. Drastic changes to appearance once involved in roleplay will be considered as Powergaming.

[8.06] - Dumping bodies in irretrievable locations such as, but not limited to, non-shallow bodies of water, bottomless holes, or steep cliffs that are inaccessible by doctors is prohibited and considered to be Powergaming. Though we advise against body dumping far outside of AOP, it is still permitted. However, consent must be given and clues must be left behind for other players to potentially find the evidence.

[8.078-A] - Any store, shop, bank, telegram or poker menu spot is considered a ‘Green/Safe Zone’ - As players are unable to properly communicate/properly participate whilst they’re in a menu, laying in wait to grab them is to be considered Powergaming.

[8.07-B] - To add on [8.07-A], any player that is considered to be ‘in their head’ or ‘thinking’ - whether indicated by the people around them or via the /ops command (a sticky status placed on their body) and thus away from their computer is to be considered a ‘Green Zone’ as well as they can not actively participate in the roleplay. 

[8.08] - Players are prohobited from wiping each other's pockets and/or saddle bags (aka taking everything from someone's pockets/inventory).

The mechanic for that does not exist for regular citizens - only LEO are able to search someone's pockets for illegal items or take items that were involved in a crime. 

You are only allowed to take what you can physically see on someone and you can ask for money, but the person being robbed decides what they'll give you (which can be everything from a buck to a 100 bucks or more)

Taking everything from someone's pocket is to be considered Powergaming and not allowed. 

[18-9] -  Players are not allowed to kill and rob another player. 

This also applies to downing someone, taking them to a doctor, and then waiting for them to get up again so you can rob them. This is powergaming and a bannable offense. 

[18-10] - Pretending to have medical supplies when you're not a licensed doctor and thus have no access to such medicine, is not allowed and will be considered power gaming (no citizen has access to doctor supplies if they are not a licensed doctor)

[18.11] - Do not engage in / wrap up any criminal and/or pvp activities 30 minute before or after a restart. This will be considered power gaming as it gives law a very tight window to continue the RP.

| Random Death Match

[9.01] - Consists of any intentionally aggressive action against a player or NPC (Non-Player Character) that is initiated without a verbal interaction beforehand - This includes knocking out, hogtieing, and killing locals for no apparent reason. Lives of Locals (NPCs) must be valued the same as character lives

[9.02] - New Haven Roleplay is not a place for Red Dead Online shenanigans. Roleplay should always come before gunplay. Conflict roleplay is a great thing to have for story progression; however, most scenarios should be roleplayed out before choosing violence. Be sure to read Criminal Guidelines prior to committing to violent acts

| Combat Logging

[10.01] - Disconnecting from the server while engaged in any active roleplay scenario is prohibited. During situations involving a crash or server restart, all attempts should be made to return to an active roleplay scenario, or resolved using the New Haven Discord

[10.02] - If a player was in an active roleplay scenario that involved criminal and/or violent acts, the player must wait at least 30 minutes before logging off the server to ensure continuation of the story

[10.03] - Players must wait 30 minutes after placing a scene. Placing down a scene and then logging off without any clue left behind is prohibited. If you have to abruptly log off, we recommend letting the people you were involved with know using the New Haven Discord

[10.04] - Players may not disconnect while serving active jailtime - Refer to Law Guidelines for additional information regarding combat logging while serving jailtime

| Hogties / Bolas Policy


[11.01] - Players should utilize common sense when being hogtied. If your character cannot realistically and safely escape, you should not attempt to escape. Giving up while hogtied to respawn, as well as combat logging, is strictly prohibited

[11.02] - Players may not break out of hogties unless the ropes have been loosened or if the player has been left unattended for 10 minutes. Breaking out of hogties where the ropes have not been loosened of if the player has not been left unattended is strictly prohibited

[11.03] - If while being hogtied and your character stands back up, you are to remain in place to be tied. This is a game mechanic issue and cannot be used as a method of escape - Running away is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action


[11.03] - With Bolas, you will be able to try and get yourself out of them regardless, because you haven't been tied up and secured, Bolas only wrap around your legs, and you thus have your upper body free to try and cut yourself loose before people are able to fully secure you. 

| Pinboard Policy

[12.01] - The pinboard is to be used solely for in-character purposes. Graphics such as posters are highly recommended when advertising businesses, available law and medical personnel, and the selling or purchasing of items, etc.

[12.02] - Using the pinboard for conversations or arguments is prohibited. If there is conflict, resolve this through roleplay by sending telegrams or face-to-face. Remember - Conflict Roleplay creates story!

[12.03] -  We solely use the in game pinboard as it allows for post text and images to be posted. The preferred size ratio for an image to be placed is that of a card (higher width vs shorter height - ex. 750x500 px)

[12.04] - When requesting assistance from a deputy or doctor, players may only post once. If there is a deputy or doctor available, they will respond. Otherwise spamming the pinboard is strictly prohibited