New Haven Staff Team

Confidence  ◆  Respect  ◆  Integrity

The New Haven Staff Team will always lead by example, as they are oftentimes looked at as leaders and moderators in a community such as ours. They are here to help set the tone of the server and keep things from getting out of hand. The overall goal with being a Staff Member in New Haven, is to set up the environment and mutual understanding with the community in such a way where they rarely have to moderate. It is very important to always remember Staff Members are humans too. The majority of the time, Staff Members will also be roleplaying on the server like any other member of the community.



Mother Stabby





Senior Staff






Oversees all functionality of New Haven. Management reviews all player reports and ban appeals, and makes final decisions on rule violations and disciplinary actions. Server Health, Economy, Documents, Information, Website, Social Media, and User Guides will be maintained by Management

Senior Staff

Assists the Management Team in overseeing functionality of New Haven. Staff and Trial Staff Members will report to the Senior Staff. Senior Staff will also assist with monitoring Server Health and Economy, reporting back to the Management Team regarding all suggestions, issues, and concerns


Considered the core of the server. Without our wonderful Developers, there would not be a functioning server for the New Haven community to play on. These are the generous people who work to ensure the server is running to the best of their ability with all the unique features New Haven has to offer

Staff / Trial Staff

They are considered the heart of the community. Staff Members communicate with our  community, work on tickets, resolve issues, monitor Discord and in-game activity, and report back to the Management and Senior Staff Team as necessary regarding community member behaviors and disciplinary actions