Medical Guidelines

New Haven Medical Department is professionally committed to serving and providing the best possible patient care to the citizens of New Haven

The State of New Haven honors an immersive medical roleplay environment. Roleplaying as a doctor is a great way to extend countless roleplay opportunities. Players seeking to be hired by New Haven Medical Department will need to reach out in-character by following hiring posters or asking around in roleplay.

Under the leadership of Rosie Lawler the Department of New Haven Medical serves the towns and surrounding areas of Blackwater, Armadillo, and Strawberry, offering medical services to the citizens in the State of New Haven.

| Medical Guidelines

[21.01] - Guilt-tripping players into logging onto the server or logging onto their doctor character for medical roleplay is strictly prohibited. Players should never feel forced into playing their doctor character

[21.02] - Players must always engage in medical roleplay if their character goes down (i.e. respawn screen is present). Failure to roleplay your injuries and interact with a doctor is prohibited, and is considered fail roleplay

[21.03] - When a player gets downed, they will have the opportunity to "Call for Help". When a player calls for help, a local informant will inform our doctors someone has been injured and needs help. Do not self-revive instantly, give the doctors an extra 2-3 minutes to get to your location to assist you

[21.04] - Do not move another player's body when they are down, especially if the player has already called for help. Moving someone who is injured could further their injuries roleplay-wise and doctors will not be able to find the injured individual

[21.05] - If your character participates in pregnancy roleplay, your character must be pregnant for at least 36-40 real-time days. This will be considered as 36-40 weeks in-game

[21.06] - Miscarriage roleplay is strictly prohibited. Same as suicide roleplay, pregnancy is oftentimes an understandable trigger for people. Though stating you lost the baby is permitted, roleplaying the miscarriage itself is prohibited

[21.07-A] - If a player takes a local doctor, as in they self-revive to the nearest town, the player will have no recollection of the events leading up to 30 minutes prior to being down

[21.07-B] - The only exception being that if a shadow doctor provides medical care prior to being revived by a local doctor, you are allowed to remember the events leading up to you being downed. 

[21.08] - Doctors are absolutely never required to travel outside of AOP to provide medical care (Armadillo, Blackwater, Strawberry, and surrounding areas) - Travel outside of AOP at your own risk. Local doctors will always be there to care for your character in this case

[21.09] - If the injury is greater than our doctors can operate on, the player's character may be sent to New York. This means the player will not be able to play their character for the duration of time set for the surgery, which will be discussed OOC between the doctor and the player via Discord

[21.10] - Roleplaying as a corrupt doctor is prohibited without prior consent from the Staff Team. Players may inquire by submitting a ticket. However, the Staff Team may decline corrupt requests if there are not enough doctors, to assist with overall server health

[21.11] - Doctors may not hoard crafted supplies such as medical supplies in personal stashes or bank deposits. Supplies should be generally kept in the Doctor's Office locker and taken as needed

[21.12] - Players may not steal from doctor cabinets or stashes. All cabinets and stashes in medical offices are locked at all times

| Recovery Recommendations

Minor Injuries

[22.01] - Wounds that are superficial and do not require any type of invasive surgery. May need few sutures to close necessary wounds

Examples - horse kicks, minor cuts, first degree burns, contusions, minor concussions, minor animal bites, and gunshot grazes

Recommended minimum recovery time:

1-3 real-time days (1-3 weeks in-game)

Major Injuries

[22.02] - Wounds are that more severe, and require more in-depth and possibly invasive procedures. Sutures are typically needed

Examples - animal attacks, falling from high heights, second degree burns, moderate concussions, and gunshot wounds

Recommended minimum recovery time:

3-5 real-time days (3-5 weeks in-game)

Severe Injuries

[22.03] - Wounds of the highest severity, requiring the most in-depth invasive procedures and medical roleplay

Examples - broken bones, third degree burns, severe concussions, injuries severing vital organs or arteries, and brink of death moments

Recommended minimum recovery time:

5-7 in-real time days (5-7 weeks in-game)

| Permadeath

[23.01] - Death is quite unpredictable and inevitable in the Wild West. Whether it be from a venomous snake bite, infection, loss of a duel, or natural causes, there is a chance you may come across the situation in which you wish to kill, or permadeath, your character. A lot of times, making the choice to permadeath your character may be difficult, which is why we will be here to support you along the way.

Once you make the decision to permadeath your character, you may never play your character again, unless it be for the situation of an autopsy or funeral. In doing so will be considered fail roleplay, and you will face disciplinary action. The New Haven Discord offers the option to write an obituary so you and others can remember your character. Doctors will also further roleplay by confirming the death of your character and by creating an official death certificate.

With this being said, a dead person is a person who has utilized chat option /me to type "No Pulse" and cannot be resuscitated, even with medical intervention. Once the person has clearly indicated character death, there is no going back. Doctors will confirm the death and will ensure the player is entirely sure on the decisions they have made to permadeath their character.

The player must then remain logged into this character for the remaining duration of further roleplay, but the character should remain dead thereafter, unless their character is involved in an autopsy or funeral. Players must forget all information their dead character knew when making a new character. Furthermore, players must avoid bringing a different character to the area where a scenario regarding the death of their character is still being roleplayed.


| Roleplay with Doctors

[24.01] - As previously mentioned, NewHavenRP honors an immersive medical roleplay environment. With this being said, medical roleplay is taken very seriously to assist with story continuation within the community. Roleplaying with doctors of New Haven Medical is quite simple. Utilizing the chat option /me, doctors will examine your character. This is when you will realistically decide what medical conditions your character may or may not have.


For example, perhaps the doctor finds your character unconscious in the middle of nowhere. The doctor will more than likely begin with a general examination to get an idea what injuries they may be dealing with. In doing so, the doctor will probably begin by checking your character's vitals, such as your character's pulse and breathing. 

This action may appear somewhere along the lines of, "Using first and middle finger to press firmly just below the jaw, I check for the patient's pulse". This is when you make the roleplay decision for your character, deciding if the pulse would be normal, elevated, weak, or nonexistent. In order to respond, you would utilize the chat option /me and respond with whatever you choose. 

Once the doctor obtains the vitals you have chosen for your character, they will more than likely examine your character's body for injuries. This is when you decide what injuries your character may or may not have. For example, your character was shot by an angry local, so the doctor begins examining your character's body for injuries. You decide you would like for your character to have a more serious injury, therefore responding to the doctor's prompts by saying something such as "gunshot wound to the left shoulder". This will continue on until the doctor has provided adequate medical care for your character. At times, the doctor may even suggest clinical visit to continue care for your character if their injuries were severe.

Medical roleplay will always go back and forth, unless discussed between the player and the doctor out-of-character. This gives the player the opportunity to decide what route of medical roleplay they would like to take for their character, while also giving unexpected roleplay for the doctor(s) involved. It is, however, important you always keep injuries realistic and you must always roleplay the injuries you choose for a realistic duration of time. Only you, the player, may permadeath or decide what injuries your character obtains.